(New Zealand)
New Zealander currently living in the U.S.A. who retains a private practice specializing in pediatric AIDS, in addition to child sexual abuse with a concentration in forensics, diagnostic assessment and treatment with a target population of priest/clergy offenders.

Dr. Winter-Green holds a terminal degree in Pastoral Psychology and Master’s Degrees in Theology/Bio-Medical Ethics, Human Development and Social Work. Following work with NGOs in Australia and India.


Dr. Winter-Green spent many years working in the Caribbean with both homeless populations and persons living with HIV/AIDS.


Dr. Winter-Green developed a multi-service HIV/AIDS program in Massachusetts, was a member of the Department of Public Health Leadership Council, a member of the Archdiocese of Boston Review Board and a consultant to many Dioceses and religious and secular institutions in matters pertaining to child sexual abuse.


In addition to memberships on international Boards and Commissions, Dr. Winter-Green was the recipient of the USA Presidential Scholar/Distinguished Teacher award and the KU Social Worker of the Year award.


Dr. Winter-Green published works include:

  • HIV/AIDS Confrontation with Being-with Insights from Paul Tillich and Carl G. Jung, Wyndham Hall Press 1995;
  • Vespers for the Vigil of World AIDS Day, CD-SDA098257 1998;

and several liturgical works.