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From the beginning of the Commission’s work, the spiritual and pastoral care of all those who have been victims of sexual abuse, together with their families and their communities, has been of primary importance to the Members of the PCPM.


Prayer is a central, important part of the healing process for victims/survivors and for the whole community of believers. Moreover, public prayer is an important way of raising consciousness in the Church.


In the experience of our Members, victims/survivors have often expressed a desire for prayer as an important element in their healing process. It was a survivor of clerical child sexual abuse who, in fact, first made the proposal to the Commission for a “Day of Prayer” for all victims/survivors of abuse. The Members then tasked the Working Group on Theology and Spirituality with drawing up the proposal on these pages. The Members accepted the proposal at the February 2016, Plenary Assembly and submitted it to Pope Francis for his approval.


The Holy Father welcomed the initiative and has asked that each episcopal conference choose an appropriate day in their nation or territory to hold a "Day of Prayer" for the victims/survivors of sexual abuse.  


Many Bishops’ Conferences have already taken steps to enact this proposal. The Commission offers these texts to assist them, and also as an aid to Conferences that will be contacted in the coming months. As these materials are further developed, this page will continue to be updated.

The Working Group on Theology and Spirituality is currently completing the texts and resources on this page, including the Simple Prayer I and Simple Prayer II.